Q: Why hasn't the LiFx engineering team been more responsive ?

A: Because you have overwhelmed us !

Sorry that you haven't heard from me sooner.  It takes a couple of days to adjust, when struck by internet lightning.

We realize how important it is to respond honestly, accurately and promptly to the comments and questions raised by our genuine backers.  This technical blog is one of the key places where we will do that.  Since it is a technical blog, it will be mostly about the engineering and not as much about the non-technical matters that arise as part running a KickStarter campaign.

We are working over a time-frame of 2 months for the KickStarter campaign and then around 4 months for the production development and delivery of the LiFx smart-bulbs.  Our plans and decisions of last week anticipating a modest result ... now need to be scaled up to handle a project that is potentially an order of magnitude larger.  For those reasons, our technical dialogue will be on-going and not all questions can be answered immediately and in complete detail (even though we all want that).  It will happen as the engineering effort progresses.

Not only have we been reviewing all the KickStarter comments ... we've also been paying attention to the discussions occurring out there in the blogosphere.  Many of the comments are insightful and valuable, including ones that have raised valid technical concerns ... those are greatly appreciated.

Some of the seemingly simple questions, e.g "Please tell us the LED CRI rating ?" can be tricky to answer (IMHO) when further research indicates that whilst CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a meaningful number for incandescent and CFT light sources, it isn't as meaningful for LEDs.  What we would have done, before our backers went ballistic, was source the best possible LEDs we could and report on the specifications when we knew them.  Now, we are are hearing from very experienced LED people who can help us make a better choice on your behalf.  So, it will be best to hold off on providing premature and ultimately inaccurate information.  Of course, we will keep you updated via this technical blog as we make progress.

An approach I'd really like to follow is "Please don't feed the internet trolls".  We must focus our complete attention on delivering your pledges and answering your questions and comments.  LiFx has attracted a lot of attention, not all of it good.  Some people are just waiting for a large KickStarter project to fail, without any regard for the interests of the supporters of that project.

We've all seen the Reuter's opinion piece and I don't want to waste time responding to it.  Primarily, because I don't need to respond ... thanks to "KenG_CA" whose comment at the bottom of that opinion piece has already made a rebuttal.  Thanks Ken ... whoever you are !  I have nothing more to say about that piece.

I realize this post has not answered any technical questions ... and providing those answers is at the top of my to-do list.  Your fantastic support has literally changed our lives, it's a big adjustment ... and I sincerely thank you for the great opportunity that you've provided us to make something great.  Let's go !

Regards ... Andy

2 responses to “Q: Why hasn't the LiFx engineering team been more responsive ?

  1. Absolutely, brilliant. My question is whether you will provide screw and clip(?) in bulbs for us Australians.

  2. Also will MR16 downlights be available for us aussies as well? I could only see a GU10 prototype in the vieo?

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